The Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems (ICS), Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) was established in 2004 on a basis of Branch Research Laboratory of Automated Systems and Networks, which in turn inherited rights and experience of Branch Research Laboratory of Automated Data Acquisition and Processing Systems, established in 1984 by joint order of the Ministry of Electronics Industry of USSR and the Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education of Ukrainian SSR. According to a trend for strengthening links between the Ministry of Education and Science and National Academy of Science the ICS is under joint supervision of TNEU and the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, National Academy of Science since 2007.

ICS consists of eight research groups, these are: precision measurement systems group, intelligent distributed systems and cyber security group, intelligent sensor data acquisition group, intelligent robotic systems group, parallel computing and neural networks group, knowledge bases and ontologies group, information technologies and specialized computer systems group and knowledge bases in virtual laboratory environments group. During its history as well as the history of Branch Research Laboratory, the ICS staff has received more than 150 invention certificates of the former USSR and 16 Ukrainian patents, published more than 450 scientific papers and obtained one doctor of science degree and 14 candidates of science (Ph.D.) degrees.

High level of the ICS’ research and development is proved by winning since 1997 more than 10 international grants and followed projects within the INTAS, CRDF, NSF, NATO, STCU and bilateral programs, as result the hardware and software in intelligent data acquisition systems, robotics, image processing and security systems were developed and implemented. In these projects the ICS partners were: the Universities of Thessaloniki (Greece), Calabria (Italy), Coruna (Spain), Mons (Belgium), Maine and New Jersey (USA), Kaunas (Lithuania), Minsk and Brest (Belarus) as well as the governmental research institutions – NIST (USA) and RTB (Germany). Additional 10 projects were executed during this period with funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Most of them were performed together with partners from the former Soviet Union countries. The active participation of the ICS staff in different research projects, in particular international ones, was one of the main reasons for the Institute foundation. This active work of ICS staff enabled to push the research facilities base for the Institute, in particular Ternopil Information-Communication Center was created using NATO funds.

ICS researchers are founders of the IDAACS Charity Foundation which supports organization of regular International Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems (IDAACS) Workshop which has been held since 2001 every two years under IEEE’s support. In particular, the previous IDAACS Workshops were held in Foros, Crimea (2001), in Lviv (2003), in Sofia, Bulgaria (2005), Dortmund, Germany (2007). Currently, the ICS staff prepares the fifth workshop which will be held in September, 2009 in Rende (Cosenza), Italy.

The ICS researchers established the IEEE Student Branch at TNEU in 1998. The Instrumentation and Measurement / Computational Intelligence Joint Societies Chapter of IEEE Ukraine Section were created in 2005, and its activities were awarded with IEEE Outstanding Chapter Award for activities in 2007. In 2002 the International Journal of Computing was founded, www.computingonline.net, which has a professional status in Ukraine, and it’s distributed worldwide. The Journal is issued regularly, the tree time per year in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

The above mentioned achievements make it possible for the ICS to successfully reach its main objectives – to perform effectively the scientific research in frames of national and international research programs, and to prepare high qualified staff for Ternopil National Economic University (http://www.tneu.edu.ua/).