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German-Ukrainian seminar: "Information: Transparency: Democracy. IT and social modernization" in Ukraine


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With the participation of students of Ternopil National Economic University, Odessa Polytechnic University, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and supported by the Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southern Europe was a second part of the German-Ukrainian seminar: "Information Transparency, Democracy and Social Modernization of the IT groups" from 4 to 12 August 2015 in Odesa.

The event was attended by students TNEU faculty of computer information technologies: Dunets Oksana - student group KN-41, Galkin Igor - student group KNUAP-21, Zolotukhin Denis - student of KN-21 Zagorodnya Diana - a teacher, a graduate student, Bykovyy Paul - Lecturer, Ph.D. The seminar was held by some program that included not only training, work on projects, but also the rest.


All participants were accommodated at the hotel Arcadia in Odessa, where we also held conferences and participants.

The main results of the first part of the seminar was identified areas for further work of students in the second part in Ukraine. As a result, formed five groups: group Documentation (1), Open Slides (2), Open Street Maps (3), Internet (4), NFC (5). Member groups consisted of Ukrainian and German students as the main purpose of the seminar was international team work in groups, communication between students, the opportunity to share cultural features of, and the end result - the development team project that the students have chosen.

Name of the group coincides with the direction of their development. For example, the Documentation group involved in the establishment and collection of all videos and photos and resources aimed to create a short film about the seminar by placing all the results of its work on a particular platform with access participants.

Open Street Maps aim was to create an environment using open source navigation in multi-story buildings. NFC Group wanted to develop NFC cards for students and teachers for transparency exams through such cards do not indicate student name, but only a reference number.

5 Internet

Internet Group considered the problem of transparency and security of users on the Internet and decided to work on a forum for the Polytechnic University and the questionnaire «AskMe», which should work on TOR system which will ensure the anonymity of the user. Work in groups provide walking and city tours. In particular, all participants visited the city tour Odessa (1), visited the Bavarian House (2), the IT department of the regional council. Odessa (3), fortress Belgorod (4), the port of Odessa (5), Vorontsov Lighthouse Center (6),  making "Shabo" (7).

Sunday evening ended with a visit to the opera and drama theater dance ballet on the performance of "Swan Lake."

After the presentation of projects, each participant handed certificates and badges with the logo of the Polytechnic University.

The final dinner was held in the middle of a yacht off the coast of the Black Sea city of Odessa.

A lot of emotions, experiences and knowledge to students of two countries - Ukraine and Germany. During the workshop, participants had overseas love Ukraine, its culture, traditions and opportunities almost every foreign student would visit again as the city of Odessa and see the whole Ukraine.

Easy to sum up the seminar: projects have been developed, some of them have been fully implemented, while others have a good start to develop during the project work the students have time to make friends, to learn many interesting platform for creating and improving various projects, and most importantly - work in a team, in an international team.