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Project team’s meeting within the Erasmus+ Aliot project

The planned meeting of the TNEU project team by Erasmus+Aliot project [aliot.eu.org], which consist of Prof. Anatoliy Sachenko,  Dr Myroslav Komar, DrSc Vasyl Koval, Dr Gregory Gladiy, Dr Iryna Strubytska, Prof. Volodymyr Kochan, Dr Zbyshek Dombrowskiy, and Ms Oksana Dunets, and Mr Volodymyr Neizzhalyi, was held on the 13-th of March, 2017.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programm of the European Union

As a result, the previous meetings of all participants of the project from universities from different cities of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhya and Ternopil) and universities from the United Kingdom and Portugal, which were held in February and March, were summed up at this meeting. In the addition to that, the modules, in which the TNEU project team took part, were determined. The responsibilities were divided and groups, which will develop courses, modules, lectures and labs, were organized.

The leaders and co-leaders of working groups were designated. There are:

1) «Data science for IoT and IoE» - Gregory Gladiy, Myroslav Komar

2) «IoT for Smart energy grid» - Zbyshek Dombrowskiy;

3) «IoT for intelligent transport systems» - Volodymyr Kochan, Vasyl Koval;

Iryna Strubytska I.P. was appointed as a contact person from the TNEU team. Possibility of participating the DrSc Vasyl Yatskiv’s group in the development of  «Security of IoT» module was considered upon his request.

The two next meetings of project participants will be held in April (Skype- conference) and in May in Mykolaiv, where participants can visit Southern NPP.

Sachenko A.O. has informed that 2-nd Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things Dependability (WS CyberIoT-DESSERT) would be held within the IEEE International conference IDAACS 2017.