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Microsoft Blockchain Intensive!

The conference "Microsoft Blockchain Intensive" was held on June 9-11 in Kiev.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Information and Computing Systems and  Management, TNEU  Yaktsky V.V.  took part  in the conference.

Microsoft Blockchain Intensive – it is an unique event, aims at solving real problems with technology Blockchain.

It is obvious now, that Blockchain (or distributed registry technology) can become one of the key incentives for the further development of innovation, which at one time became the emergence of the Internet.

Blockchain is a way of storing data or a digital registry of transactions, contracts. In Blockchain, you can store data about loans issued, property rights, marriage certificates, and ect. The first and most well-known example of the use of Blockchain technology is the Bitcoin Cryptology.

The main difference and advantage of Blockchain technology is that this registry is not stored in one place. It is distributed among several hundreds and even thousands of computers around the world. Any network user can have free access to the current version of the registry, which makes it transparent to all participants.

According to Microsoft, Blockchain is currently considered to be one of the most promising IT-technologies. It helps to create new business models in different industries for both large companies and startups. Experts believe that Blockchain will become a major factor in the digital transformation of most sectors of the economy. Worldwide analytical publications also predict a great future for technology that goes far beyond the limits of banking and Internet payments.


In connection with the wide prospects of the use of Blockchain technology, the Department of Information and Computing Systems and Management  develops a new training course "Technology blockade and cryptology", which will be read for masters students of the specialty "Computer Science".