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Visit of Prof. Jan Jürjens, Germany

Prof. Jan Jürjens, Institute for Software Technology (IST), University of Koblenz-Landau visited the Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems and Dept of Information Computer Systems and Control on Friday, Sep 1, 2017. He is a Director of Research Projects Fraunhofer-Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST Compliance Innovation Lab, Fraunhofer Innovation Center for Logistics. Prof. Jürjens was acquainted with current and completed research projects and labs facilities, and he informed about directions and achieves of his research group. Prof. Volodymyr Kochan, Prof. Anatoliy Sachenko, Associated Prof. Vasyl Yatskiv, Ass. Prof. Iryna Strubytska, and the there PhD Students Taral Lendiuk, Yurii Ivanyshak and Oksana Dunets took a part in the meeting.

Professors Kochan and Sachenko and Phd Student Yurii Ivanyshak presented a concept and frame of the applied project for Horizon 2020“Wireless network for control of electrical substations with high resistance to interference and external interference”.

During the meeting following topics were discussed: cyber security issues and methods of defending the computer attacks, industrial data space and data analysis,  wireless sensor network, development and use of 3D-printers.

Finally participants exchanged opinions about possibilities for international cooperation, in particular, potential joint projects, exchange of experience between teams, co-supervising the Masters and PhD students. In particular, Ass. Prof.  Iryna Strubytska was proposed as a candidate to co-supervising Doctor of Sciences Thesis. Moreover Prof. Jürjens promised to prepare and send a practical task in a field of Industrial Data Space and Data Analysis for Ass. Prof. Iryna Strubytska.

One of PhD Students of Dr Yatskiv was considered for a PhD Thesis co-supervising. Moreover the two Master Students Andriy Ostapchuk and Yuriy Syhin were considered for a joint supervising.